Admin Support and Virtual Assistant

Admin Support and Virtual Assistant

We deliver a large range of BPO services to clients worldwide. Intellize info Solutions offers big selection of services to its purchasers touching all corners of IT enabled services. Our business processes provide a better level and quality of services. the wonderful 24×7 on-line client support has endeared OmegTech to its purchasers. Our policies square measure handy to fulfill client wants like circle time, accuracy, confidentiality, and cost efficiency. We believe that only happy customers can strengthen the corporate and make it grow bigger.

Our expertise and timely rescue of the comes prevailed our quality among our customers and as a fine result several continual orders received from our existing purchasers and new orders from several referred purchasers.

Do you have an excessive amount of to try to to and not enough time to finish your work? Is it becoming increasingly difficult allocate time to specialise in your necessary tasks that grows your business? it’s time for you to rent a virtual assistant and Admin Assistant. we provide virtual assistants with multiple skills to support you.

Our virtual assistants handle:

  • E-commerce Product Uploading
  • Mailing List Development
  • Web research and Database Development
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Administrative Support
  • Web database and web maintenance
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Ad Campaign
  • Lead generation
  • Research and Survery
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Medical billing data entry
  • Office Management Duties
  • Many other custom tasks
  • Data entry of e-books
  • Insurance claims processing
  • OCR conversion
  • Social media marketing services
  • Search Engine Optimization

Industries our virtual assistants work with:

    • Realtors / Real estate agents
    • Property management companies
    • Online retailers
    • Accounting firms
    • Legal firms
    • HR and recruitment companies
    • Electronics and I.T
    • Insurance and finance
  1. Several years of virtual assistance and Admin assistant experience
  2. Ability to handle variety of jobs
  3. No supervision needed